What is Mission?

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In some ways, ‘Mission’ is a somewhat elusive concept, lending itself to various ideas and perspectives. While the bible makes no specific mention of ‘mission’, it is nonetheless the dominant thread in the story that weaves its way from Genesis through to Revelation, as we see the unfolding of God’s plans and purposes for His people and for all of creation.

In CMS Ireland, there are certain core principles that shape our thinking, our work as a mission agency and how we live as Christians.

We believe that:

- Mission is God’s Mission – His plan to renew and restore all creation
- Mission is Holistic – concerned with word and deed
- Mission is about the growth of God’s Kingdom – not the growth of the Church
- Mission is central to the life of the Church – not an add-on extra
- Mission is both Global and Local – that ‘world mission’ and ‘home mission’ are profoundly interlinked
- Mission is relational – partnership is central to the building of relationships between God’s people throughout the world
- People exchange – long-term and short-term is vital if we are to grow in our understanding of mission

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