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What a month! Life is good but incredibly full on these days. In January, my colleagues and I trained around 16 church leaders in Kamenge—a very war torn quarter in Bujumbura. We had a tremendous time with them and were encouraged by many testimonies of healing.

One man shared how he came to terms not only with losing his own father but also having seen a heap of dead bodies – those of his neighbours – during the war. He forgave the people who had killed his father and his neighbours. He said he had suffered so much, including having to take care of his younger brothers but that God really helped him release his pain to the Cross during the training and that he now felt at full of peace.

Last month I asked for people to contribute towards funding the Christian trauma healing programme we will run in Harvest for the next year. Wonderfully all the money needed has been given with 2 larger one-off donations and 20% of it came from people who started giving £5-£10 / month as committed giving. We would love to see some more regular supporters as it really helps with budgeting. Thank you so much to all who gave.

Last week I had a very special visit from my dear friend, Debbie. It was such a blessing to have a whole week together to catch up, pray for one another and spend time together with friends here.

This month is yet another busy one, though one without training events as Harvest keep February as a fallow month each year. So I am working on the training materials and planning for future events. Pat and Pam Brooks will stay with me 18-26 Feb.

First week of the Le Rucher Reconciliation School in Kigali

Jean Claude, Abel and I went to Kigali, Rwanda for the Reconciliation School run by Dr Rhiannon Lloyd, Joseph Nyamutera and Kristine Bresser. I stayed for a week but Abel and Jean Claude will stay until 10th March. The week I was there was absolutely incredible. We had 11 nations represented from East, Central, West and Southern Africa plus 4 European countries and the US! During the ‘Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict’ workshop, we had time to confess the sins of our nations against other nations. Britain had the longest list by far. An older Kenyan man allowed me to wash his feet. Rhiannon and I asked him to forgive the British and said, “our ancestors came as your masters but now we want to be your servants”.

Prayer points:

- Praise Jesus for the deep healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in the training in Kamenge and especially in the School of Reconciliation in Kigali. May lives and communities be changed forever!

- Praise for the precious time of fellowship I had with Debbie.

- Pray for much productivity during this planning / writing month and for a blessed time with Pat and Pam.

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