That moving feeling - again!

Ronnie___maggie_3 Posted by Ronnie & Maggie Briggs on Sun, 22 Nov 2015 | 1 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

At long last we have moved to Oltiasika! They say that after moving a number of times, it gets easier. I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but they clearly haven’t moved as many times as we have – we’ve lost count!

We didn’t have a removal lorry – the road is too bad for it to travel on. So, we loaded up the Land Cruiser – 5 times – and moved ourselves.

We are privileged to be able to live and work at Oltiasika as that is where we feel our calling to be. The local community has been very welcoming and on the day the final loaded Land Cruiser arrived, the women of the church called us to the church for prayer and thanksgiving. They then led us up to the veranda of the house and held more prayer for us and for the house, and for all those who will pass through its doors.

And then it rained! Rain is always a blessing here in Kenya – even though it causes severe disruption with the roads. We have an underground tank to catch the rain water from the roof and it was completely filled in one day’s rain. We also have solar for hot water and for electricity and for this we offer our grateful thanks.

For us to reach this point it has been an effort from a large number of people across Ireland and to you all we say a huge ‘thank you’. Without your help this would not have been possible and we pray that the Lord will bless all of you for your help and support. However, we do not have access to phone network so our mobile phones, and of course email, do not work. We can drive for about 10 minutes to a certain village and there we will find a weak signal to keep us in touch with family and friends.

We are living amongst a mainly Maasai population who are still very traditional in their lifestyle. They have much to teach us in terms of how to live as a supportive community and we look forward to being amongst them as we share our lives together.


Jenny Christie said Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:10AM
Brilliant news you two!! Keep going and enjoy your beautiful new home after all the hard work. I was commenting on how your front steps look like a chocolate fountain! If only! Love and blessings to you both. Jen

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