Over the hills and far away...

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After our ‘big day’ of prayers for the new work that is going on in our Centre at Oltiasika (17th February), Bishop Gaddiel gave us the challenge that if we could be thankful for the little we have been given, then God would bless us with abundance. The water tanks were blessed and prayed for and the new livestock pen was carefully prayed for as well. The challenge now was where to get 50 goats so that the new goat breeding programme could begin?

This was a commitment we made back in June 2015 when we had a big community meeting with all the local leaders, including the area MP and the Chiefs.

So, on a Friday morning, Luka and David started the journey. Off they went walking up the Chyulu Hills at the beginning of a 60km hike through tropical rain forest and savannah grasslands before coming to a dirt road where they would ride on a motorbike to the tarmac road. From here they would get into a Matatu (local taxi van that stops anywhere for anyone at anytime) to take them to the market at a place called Kaambo.

Exhausted, they stayed overnight in a small hotel and then awoke on Saturday morning to the colourful and noisy market that sells all kinds of livestock. After scrutinizing the available goats, they settled on a particular breed called Galla and selected 24 of them for purchase. After completing all the necessary paperwork they then started back on the same route but this time going the whole way on foot, herding the goats before them. They had to sleep in the bush on the way back to rest the goats but had to fight off an interested Hyena who thought to have an easy meal of fresh goat meat!

At about 5am on Sunday morning they started off again for the last leg back to the Centre and eventually arrived at about 10am. They were both completely exhausted and as soon as they stopped at our house all the goats lay down as if to say ‘enough is enough!’

We needed 50 goats but only managed 24 on the first visit to the market – so that means we will have to do the whole thing over again next week…

In community development activities, it is very important that any commitments made are fulfilled – this brings confidence to the community that is being served and so it was critical that we were able to fulfill our commitment to the goat breeding programme.

Not only is this important in community development terms but it is also important in terms of living out a Christian lifestyle. Both Luka and David are committed Christians and work hard in our local church Sunday by Sunday and they saw this very difficult and challenging safari on foot as part of their service to God. After it was all over they had this to say ‘Even though we are tired and sore after so many hours of walking, we are even more thankful that the trip was a success and we thank God that He was faithful to us from the beginning to the end.’

That was a challenge to me – how thankful am I to God when I see His hand in the difficult things in life, and to acknowledge the fact that God is concerned about me in even the smallest things that are going on in my life? Maybe I need to take a walk to the market…

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