Manual labour, road trips and football losses

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The team are doing well and having a wide variety of experiences…they spent Friday working with the VTC students and the Ibba youth visitors plastering, painting and shifting logs. Physical work is tiring in the heat, but its amazing what can be achieved with good team work!

Saturday found the team, the Ibbas (as the team have nicknamed them) and some accompanying church folk setting off in a convoy of four vehicles to Koboko, a town 40 minutes’ drive north of Arua.

Thousands of refugees have settled around Koboko and the church folk have set up temporary churches. The team met Bishop James of Morobo diocese and Canon Helen who welcomed them with snacks and drinks. They visited a new primary school set up by Rev Peter Taban for the refugee childen. It is vitally important to offer structure and constructive activities to the children and youth as there are many rebel groups wanting to recruit young people.

Everyone had more snacks and drinks before driving up to Kaya, the border post with South Sudan.The road beyond the border into South Sudan is insecure and very few people are travelling on it at present. A few armed convoys do get through to Yei, but no one feels safe.

On the way back to Koboko as the road runs very close to DR Congo the vehicles stopped to let everyone cross on foot and take photos just to prove that they had been in DR Congo!

The Koboko folk then served a big lunch and announced that there was to be a football match. The Logics, Ibbas and Matt played against the refugee team and were soundly beaten…7:1. Abigail and Niamh were even persuaded to play! The primary school children then challenged the Logics who were again beaten! A good time was had by all!

Sunday will find folk attending the cathedral in Arua for the English speaking service followed by coffee with David and Heather Saarland – a CMS Britain mission partner couple. Heather is a great baker so I’m sure folks will be glad of some home baking! They will all go to lunch at a restaurant serving pizza and burgers, a welcome change from rice and beans…but probably the best part will be the wifi connection…so expect some personal updates and hopefully some photos!

Thank you all for your prayers and interest…


Alison Peach said Sun, 09 Jul 2017 02:54PM
It is great to be able to keep up with your activities as it means we can pray for you more intelligently. May God richly bless you all and keep you in the centre of His will. Love Alison Peach xx
Elaine Woods said Sun, 09 Jul 2017 04:02PM
What amazing work you are all doing and sharing with the Ibbas! Enjoy the pizza and home cooking today. God bless xx

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