Walking, walking and more walking!

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We are now well over a week here in Nepal. The time has gone by so fast, and we are enjoying every second. Here is just a brief overview of what we have done the past few days.

Monday 13th
Last Monday, the team split up: three of us (Nevin, Peter and Annie)went on home visits, while the other three (Roger, Philip and Lesley) went to the hospital (HRDC).

For the home visits, there was a LOT of walking, but the views on the way were fantastic. We walked from SD Church to Kritipur, which took about two hours and then walked for around another five hours visiting people’s homes. Their stories were amazing! A lot of them had said they had illnesses such as cancer, but when they came to know God they were healed. It was an honour to be able to visit these people and spend time with them. Also the hospitality they showed us was incredible. We ate a lot of food and drank a lot of sweet tea!

After this we went to a church service in Kritipur. The atmosphere there was incredible. It felt like we had travelled back in time to the early church! Peter gave his testimony and preached here and it was very well received by everyone.

Philip, Lesley & Roger travelled 90 mins east of Kathmandu to HRDC (Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children), along with ‘S’ (the SDSS Physiotherapist), two child clients from the Patient Navigator Programme and their carers.

Set on a high escarpment overlooking the suburb of Banepa, the hospital was founded in 1985 by Professor Bans Kota (a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon) and has 74 beds for medical and rehabilitation intervention.

It is a modern, busy and well organised hospital with a very happy atmosphere. We saw lots of children who were either being treated or waiting for treatment, each with a carer (a family member) to look after their everyday needs. There were all sorts of conditions being treated such as club feet, polio, scoliosis, hip dysplasia, other skeletal deformities, post burn scarring contractures, children walking on their toes, cerebral palsy and dwarfism.

We met Dr Damu Shrestha who has worked in HRDC for 18 years. He was extremely welcoming and showed us round the Physio room, explaining that children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are treated equally. He told us he was getting older now but he loves working with children because it helps him feel young!

It was really moving to see the dedication and skill of all the staff at the hospital, and to witness the tranquillity and good humour of all the young patients – many of whom were enduring mobility-restricting and often painful surgery and rehabilitation sometimes over several months or even years.

Tuesday 14th
We spent time in SD Church on Tuesday, where BA gave us some history on the church and how everything came about. The work God has done in this place is amazing. It’s a true example of what church should be, reaching out and helping people. And the story of how it was started by BK and GA is inspiring. Maybe too long for this blog, but any of the team will be happy to speak to you about it when we get home. It is a truly amazing story!

We also got to spend time in Pharakilo Ghar, with the children, just playing with them and getting to know them a bit. They are incredible children, and so friendly! The whole team had a great time there.

Wednesday 15th
Wednesday started with a prayer meeting in SD Church. First, there was a time of worship, and then we split into groups to pray for various things, such as the people in the church, the government and Nepal as a whole. The presence of the holy spirit here was incredible. The pastors of the church also laid hands on us and prayed which was an incredible experience.
We also had the privilege of witnessing a baptism after the meeting. This was an amazing experience, as everyone stood and watched, and worshipped as the lady got baptised.

In the afternoon, we visited NPCS – the Nutrition programme that Deirdre Zimmerman works with.. We were given a presentation about what they do here and how they teach people in Nepal what is good for them to eat so that they can be healthy. The work done here is incredible, as they are really helping people in Nepal and educating them.

Again in the evening, we visited Pharakilo Ghar. This time, we helped children with their homework, although some of the team were saying the children knew more than we did! But it was nice to just spend some time with them and keep building relationships. Roger led the devotions, with a song and small talk, and all the children seemed to really enjoy that.

As a team, we just want to say thank you so much for the prayers from home, and please continue to pray for us, that we would continue to have the energy needed each day as we are doing quite a lot! We are loving our time here!


Roger Thompson said Tue, 21 Nov 2017 12:49PM
Wonderful experience being with the Team, meeting old friends and new in SD Church, HDCS and NPCS - we have been blessed, inspired and challenged. Thanks to all who have prayed for and supported us....we feel very uplifted. There are so many stories we have to share when we come back!
Paul Ferguson said Wed, 22 Nov 2017 12:29PM
Roger thanks for the blog which allows us back home to enjoy something of your experiences in Nepal. It never ceases to amaze me to hear of so many people of different ethnicity and culture who serve God faithfully and are used by Him to bring Glory to His Name. You rightly remind us of what the church should be here at home and that is a constant challenge. We have much to learn from our partners. Looking forward to hearing your stories. Stay safe and well and greetings to all the team blessings Paul

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