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Heart restoration (20.08.08)

The Team Ramro official Nepal programme is over and the majority of the team are now back in Belfast, catching up with friends, family and sleep and showing off their farmer’s tans and mosquito bites. But 2 team members remain in Nepal for some unfinished business. It’s been all about the heart!

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Posted on Wed, 20 Aug 2008

Heaven on earth, in Nepal (14.08.08)

God is changing lives in Nepal and it’s exciting to get glimpses of transformation and genuine faith in the midst of the ‘everyday ordinary’.

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Posted on Thu, 14 Aug 2008

Breaking the silence (12.08.08)

Apologies for the lack of blog action in the last 8 days – we have understandibly been demoted from the much prized ‘featured blog’ spot on the website. But I’m not prepared to give it up completely. We want that gold medal.

There is much to tell, so this will be a long one!

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Posted on Tue, 12 Aug 2008

Monsoon Madness

Greeting from Nepal to Belfast from Cherith! I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Kathmandu hoping the crazy monsson rain outside doesnt drip in and electricute me!

It has been a great weekend. We finished the playground we have been working on and said a sad goodbye to the children from the school on Friday. We are returning there though at the end of our trip to finish up a few bits a pieces and Lynne and Suzie are going to show the nepali women how to use the hydrotherapy pool.

Yesterday we all attended our different churches with our hosts then met up for lunch at a Momo cafe together. It was interesting! We headed to the monkey temple which was fun, saw a good couple of monkey v’s dog fights!

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Posted on Sun, 03 Aug 2008

One down, two to go (1.08.08)

Team Ramro have completed their first week in Nepal and have made remarkable progress on the ABBS programmes. Health has been restored to most of the team and everyone is doing well. A weekend of relaxation, shopping and churching lies ahead!

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Posted on Fri, 01 Aug 2008

Thick as many long planks (28.07.08)

After a busy and mixed weekend of Nepali church, tourist trailing, overeating and facilitating a worship seminar for Nepali youth leaders, Team Ramro got started on their main Week 1 programme today.

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Posted on Mon, 28 Jul 2008

Ramro are go (26.7.08)

This morning, I was awoken by the enthusiastic strains of a Nepali band who were in full carnival mode. Clearly, the locals were out celebrating the safe arrival of Team Ramro (and their luggage)!

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Posted on Sun, 27 Jul 2008