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Recently Gideon and I were reading about the Transfiguration at bedtime, and I had one of those moments when part of the reading (Matthew 17:5) jumped out at me…

Listen to Him.

God the Father spoke audibly on two occasions affirming the Son-ship of Christ: His approval of Christ at his baptism and then on this second occasion, He included a command to the terrified disciples – ‘Listen to Him’. It struck me that of all the things that God the Father might have said to them and us; He chose these three words – ‘Listen to Him’.

He didn’t say, ‘Love Him’, ‘Obey Him’ or ‘Follow Him’. God said, ‘Listen to Him’.

Many people will have heard me extol Rory’s wonderful listening skills. Quickly within our marriage I learnt how poor a listener I was in comparison. When I begin to relate something to Rory, he stops what he is doing e.g. closes the laptop or book, turns toward me, concentrates on what I am saying and intentionally listens. I am sorry to say my listening skills in relation to God are not as good as this. Often I am listening on the run or trying to discern God’s voice amongst the other needs clamouring for attention in my head, yet I do desire to hear more from God.

Interestingly, I realise that my listening skills are sharper and I can suddenly find the time, when I am waiting on results, feeling afraid or my sense of security seems threatened. Then I can listen to God very intently and give Him a lot of time to speak. (I am so fickle!)

There are lots of reasons as to why it is important to listen to God but I guess the one I settled on in my meditations is from John 15:15, when Jesus tells us that He calls us friends not servants,

..for everything that I have learned from my Father I have made known to you.’

The Father has expressed Himself through Christ. He has given Him the words of eternal life.

I am convicted and challenged about my lack of good time management in relation to the time that I give the Lord to speak to me.

Usually, as we head back to Uganda to embrace another term I always feel that God gives me a few things to work out in our relationship. So one of my aims this term will be to more actively listen to Him.

Thank you to all our wonderful parishes, prayer groups, friends and family who have listened to us over the last eight weeks as we have shared our testimonies and learning. Special thanks to those who have fed us and listened! It has been such an encouraging visit to Ireland and we thank God that He has placed so many good people around us.

We hope that you will continue to journey with us as we return on the 19th May to take up our duties in Kiwoko again.

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