There and back again

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Our departure from Kiwoko in April was a bit rushed at the end. Some bits of my work were more or less tidied up and handed over, but there were some bits left to do. Most of all, our saying of goodbyes ended up being left incomplete. Thus, I am just back from a brief trip to Uganda and Kiwoko. It was good to catch up with friends and see how folk are doing at school.

It was good to catch up with many of the good folk working and studying at Kiwoko and appreciate afresh their good work and commitment.

Obviously what can be achieved in one week is somewhat limited. But really this week was less about nice objective achievements, and more about subjective relationship matters. There is another person (Dr James) filling the role of Medical Director very well and I am no longer working for Kiwoko Hospital. This week therefore involved a lot more talking (often while eating and drinking) and a conscious absence of much of the sort of work at Kiwoko that I have been used to previously.

After being away from Kiwoko for four months, the overarching impression I take away is that Kiwoko Hospital is full of very many excellent people continuing to serve those who need them, in challenging circumstances. The hospital is still going strong because of those excellent folk.

The underlying Christianity is central. Many of the staff members are at Kiwoko because of a sense of call by God, and such a purpose enables them to go beyond any contractual obligations: staying late and often caring for their patients more deeply than can be mandated – at times even giving them food, clothes, friendship.

Kiwoko Hospital is more than just a church-owned hospital staffed by Christians. God is at work here and the centrality of Christian Faith continues to shine through so many of the different activities it does. It is an honour for me to have been able to serve within such an institution and alongside so many great brothers and sisters.

Kiwoko was my home for over 11 years. It was nice to be able to ‘go home’ and visit. It may be a long time before I am able to visit my friends in Kiwoko again. Meanwhile please join me in continuing to pray for the leadership of the hospital at all levels – but especially the Management Team, Board and the bishop as they seek to fill gaps in the leadership team and respond to the needs of the constantly changing Uganda around them.

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