Urban Soul

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From 1st-4th July 2008 hundreds of young people will descend on Dublin for one purpose – to bring transformation.

Urban Soul is a brand new initiative that will bring together young Christians from all over Ireland – and beyond – to show ‘indiscriminate acts of kindness’ to communities and individuals in the wider Dublin area.

The programme will gather young people who are passionate about social action and engage them in practical projects across the city. As the week unfolds the team will be cleaning streets and parks, painting over graffiti, and running a series of community events, amongst other things.

The underlying values that motivate and guide Urban Soul are those taught and demonstrated by Jesus. His life and message show that loving God is just the beginning and that we are also called to actively love our neighbours.

Urban Soul seeks to deliver hope, bestow dignity, bring equality of opportunity & inspire long-term change.

CMS Ireland is partnering with Urban Soul and is encouraging members, supporters and visitors to this site to take the plunge and take part.

If you think Urban Soul might just be for you then click here to visit the website and sign-up NOW!