Firm Foundations

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In CMSI, we believe it’s vital to help the Global Church lay firm foundations, by investing in leaders who are rooted in Christ and in the Word of God. So, in 2015/2016, our main focus will be on leadership training.

Introducing Firm Foundations

The Church of Ireland supports a range of mission programmes through CMSI’s Global Partners: healthcare, education, community development, agriculture, water projects and much more. But these things are only possible through people – God’s ordinary people in local, ordinary parishes.

These are the people who carry out mission. These are the people who do the caring, the teaching, the building, the growing and the healing. And these people need good leaders: leaders who love God and are rooted in His Word; leaders of integrity, vision and compassion; leaders who can disciple others and equip them; leaders who seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.

This is why, when we ask our Global Partners to identify their main request for support from Ireland, the almost unanimous response is ‘training church leaders’. Because without church leaders there can be no Church. And without the Church, there can be no mission.

These things aren’t always an easy ‘sell’; they’re often not as tangible as building projects or as easy to grasp as education or health initiatives. But if this is what matters most to our Global Partners, it should be what matters most to us.

So, we’d ask for your support as we invest in leadership training; please help build the Church by laying firm foundations.

Supporting Firm Foundations

There are three main ways in which you can support the Firm Foundations initiative:

1. Pray – Please pray for our Global Partners as they undertake different programmes to train church leaders, including theological education, bible teaching, clergy training and leadership development. Some of these programmes are listed below.

2. Donate – You can help provide financial support to Firm Foundations by clicking the donate button below. All money received to this fund will be used to support leadership training initiatives of our Global Partners – particularly those programmes that may otherwise struggle for financial support.

3. Go – There are opportunities to work alongside our Global Partners as they train leaders and build firm foundations – some of our Mission Experience Teams Abroad contribute to training conferences, but there are also opportunities for individuals to support leadership training as Mission Partners on Short-Term Volunteers. See our Current Opportunities for further details.

Foundation Stories

Here are some examples of the ways in which our Global Partners are building Firm Foundations:

Yei Diocese, South Sudan: Annual Youth Conference

Training Church Leaders in Nepal

From Bangor to Ngoma: Training Clergy in Uganda