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Kibungo Diocese, Rwanda

For the last few months, a team from Kibungo Diocese has been regularly visiting Mahama Refugee Camp, based within Kigina Archdeaconry. This camp is now home to more than 30,000 Burundians, who have sought refuge in Rwanda following unrest in their home country. Thanks to the generous support of individuals and parishes, CMSI has been able to assist the diocese as they make these regular journeys and as they provide pastoral care and practical support to those in need.

It takes around two hours to reach Mahama Camp from the diocese compound in Kibungo town. With each journey, the team load up their vehicle with a number of items that are most needed as they were advised during their last visit. A typical load includes clothes, plastic basins, buckets, plates, cups and bedding.

When they reach the camp, the team meet with staff, taking time to talk and pray with them and those they meet as they are shown around. Many in the camp are thanking God for having arrived in Rwanda safely and appreciate the help they are getting with shelter, food and other essential items. They continue to pray for their country and for God’s security to be with their relatives and friends still in Burundi.

Parishioners in Kibungo Diocese meet together to pray for those living in Muhama, gathering clothes and other small items to be sent with the next visit. The youth have also been helping to clear land for new tents in the ever expanding camp.

Bishop Emmanuel asks us to pray for security in Burundi, for refugees to be able to return home soon, for the provision of basic needs and food, and for good health in the camp so disease and sickness cannot spread.

Gitega Diocese, Burundi
Meanwhile, in Burundi, many people have relocated from Bujumbura and volatile villages to stay in safer areas within the country. One such area is Gitega Diocese, where currently more than 400 households are hosting friends and relatives. This places financial pressure on hosting families and the wider community; the cost of food and other essentials continues to increase while many are unable to attend work due to insecurity.

The diocese has recognised the beginning of food shortages within these communities. Through CMSI’s Burundi Refugee Fund, we can help them to provide food and other items to hosting families and those that have fled from their homes. However, this is not a sustainable solution, the need is huge and the resources few.

Rev Aime Joseph says:
bq. We are very much thankful for your prayers to Burundi, and are confident that God will make a way for peace and reconciliation.

CMSI would like to thank all who have already contributed to the Burundi Refugee Appeal. We would encourage people to continue to pray for our partners in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo as they support those displaced by the current unrest in Burundi.

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