Goats and their Sunday strolls

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Four days in! We landed in Entebbe in the small hours of Sunday morning, and the last few days have all at once flown in and seemed like forever.

We arrived in Kiwoko on Sunday afternoon, after an overnight stay in Entebbe, and had a very comical encounter with a family of goats out for a Sunday stroll – mummy goat and daddy goat followed by their brood of kids walking together down a busy residential street. They were shortly followed by a man walking his cows on leads, something our urban minds are struggling to wrap themselves around. However, we found the slightly more familiar sight of a crazy traffic jam once we hit Kampala, but let’s just say no one here will we complain about the Sydenham Bypass again!

Kiwoko Hospital is a wonder. With two adult wards, theatres, a paediatric ward and NICU, a HIV unit, accident and emergency, training schools as well as 400 staff, the place is constantly buzzing with activity. Fittingly for a hospital with the motto ‘We treat, Jesus heals’, hospital life is founded on prayer – a day here begins with morning worship; time singing praise and hearing from God’s word, before the staff go to their posts and begin work. People come from miles around to access healthcare here – with nary a complaint about A&E waiting times! – and everyone is treated with love and kindness as well as excellent care.

So far, we have been blessed with time to prepare for our children’s programmes and to build relationships with people at Kiwoko, through community visits and music lessons. We are learning and experiencing so much, and already we have fallen in love with Uganda.

Life is colourful here, from the bright yellows and greens of the traditional dress so many women wear here, to the painted adverts on each shop building, right down to the very roads which are a warm bright red. It’s noisy – the communities are giant families where everyone knows each other and could chat for hours!

We’ve enjoyed exploring and getting to know people – tomorrow the craziness of Ekisa Summer Scheme will hit, with 200 children arriving for the programme! Please pray for the team, the Ugandan children’s team and for each child arriving tomorrow – I will keep you updated!


Laura Jeffrey is a member of the CMSI Mission Experience Team Abroad from Ballyholme Parish that is visiting Kiwoko in August/September 2015. You can read more from Laura and the team here.

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Andrew Beech said Tue, 25 Aug 2015 04:34PM
Good to finally get an update - has definitely put my mind at rest! Your all in my prayers and in my heart at the moment and remember to make the most of your time in Kiwoko, as if you needed reminding of that! Get stuck in tomorrow with the kids, don't be afraid to make a foul of yourself, no one will ever see you again and constantly look to show Gods love and sacrifice yourself - as a very wise friend of mine would say "forget yourself to lend a helping hand." Mum, you are missed! Today was my first day of Barrister school...8 hours wading through social security legislation while your off having a ball in Africa made me have a particularly sour outlook on life! The house is fine, although I have made a right mess in the kitchen, the pile of dishes was overflowing the sink by Sunday evening! Oh and I have managed to rip the conservatory door clean off the hinges...love you!! God bless and much love to the whole gang, wish I was there! Andy X
Kellie young said Tue, 25 Aug 2015 05:17PM
Glad all is going well. Have fun, stay safe and make memories xx
Tracy Rutherford said Tue, 25 Aug 2015 09:45PM
Great to finally get an update! I'm sure its quite a culture shock but it must be fascinating to experience a different way of life! Stay safe, everybody says hi....love you Libby, you're doing a wonderful thing xx
Patricia Hassard said Wed, 26 Aug 2015 06:23AM
Great to know you are all there safe and sound.School, as if we were never away Libby really really miss you.Enjoy your experience you are in my thoughts and prayers.Ah well off to school!!!!!!xxx
Karen Humphrey said Wed, 26 Aug 2015 07:02AM
Glad all is going well. Sounds amazing. Big hugs to u all an will keep praying for you all and those in Uganda xx
Suzanne said Wed, 26 Aug 2015 03:02PM
So glad to hear something! Really missing you loads mummy. The door might be my fault, Carl and I were trying to fix it the other night. Have an amazing time and really enjoy every minute, Andrew's right definitely make fools of yourselves and please wear suncream! Thinking and praying for you all xx
Brooke Keenan said Thu, 27 Aug 2015 05:17PM
Happy to hear that you's are enjoying yourselves! Miss you all so so much, stay safe and love every minute of your trip! Have to say it's weird not having faye around for me to rant at about upper sixth and not seeing jade and Laura at church to have our pit stop frys. Love you all, praying that you all have energy for the summer scheme and that it all goes well! Xxx
Patricia jeffrey said Thu, 27 Aug 2015 11:11PM
Hi Laura Sounds as if you're having an amazing experience the contrast between the two ways of life must be Staggering. You are so fortunate to be experiencing this adventure. This will widen All of your horizons and I'm sure your efforts Will be appreciated. To be so sure of your faith And made strong by it is a wonderful gift God bless you all. Love nIne pat xx
Margaret moorehead said Fri, 28 Aug 2015 06:01AM
Thank you for doing the blog Laura, so nice to hear how your trip is going. Should be end of your first children's club today. I am sure it has been fantastic and you will all be ready for a rest tomorrow. Miss you loads Faye, so proud of you and the team on this amazing journey. Love you, and keep taking the malaria tablets! Mum xxxxx
elaine elborn said Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:47AM
hi team--great blog laura---and great to hear whats up (app) mind boggles about 200 kids--but youre well practiced!!!--love and greetings from all the mission team at ballyholme--you are all in our hearts and prayers daily--lots of love xxx elaine

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