Romance in Kiwoko

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The 14th February is usually associated with romance, flowers, chocolates, nice dinners and the like. We celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently this year…

Many believers within Kiwoko have been burdened to pray for the town due to a decline in morals and behavior. In addition to the immediate need in our locality, Uganda will see Presidential elections take place on the 18th February. People will tell you that they are confident there will be no trouble but in the same breath will utter something that reveals their actual uncertainty.

A small group of us came together prior to Christmas to discuss the possibility and plan for a prayer march, to intercede for Kiwoko and our nation. Yesterday, after weeks of planning, Kiwoko Hospital and our local churches – All Saints, Voice of Truth and St John’s – came together to march and pray!

How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

250 people turned out mid-afternoon with temperatures well into the 30s to walk a route around the town that would take just under two hours. Armed with water, umbrellas (to keep the sun off, rather than any threat of rain!) hats and sun cream for some of us, young and old gathered behind the truck to praise and pray to the Lord. The atmosphere was jolly and peaceful.

Heartfelt prayers were offered for our schools, churches, police force, courts, local government leaders, businesses and our families. We declared the authority and sovereignty of our God in the area, coming against the many witchcraft practices and claiming Kiwoko for the Lord.

We finished our walk at the taxi park in Kiwoko where Pastor Hosea proclaimed the gospel and three people gave their lives to Christ. One of the new believers was a Muslim lady, and she publically confessed Christ in answer to an appeal. Praise the Lord!

To see people able to worship God freely without persecution or obstruction, is not something to take for granted in these days. We are mindful of the privilege it is to take our stand publicly for the Lord. We believe that in the heavenly realm God is moving in answer to our cries for Kiwoko and Uganda (2Chronicles 20:1-30).

Let us pray that revival is on the way!

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