Of Mice and Men and Women

Publicity_shot Posted by Nigel and Carol Weallans on Fri, 15 Apr 2016 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Two nights ago, my sleep was disturbed by the unmistakeable sound of a mouse scratching.

In 2014, we had spent many nights turning our torches on and off, but being unable to find the source of a scratching sound. It seemed to be coming from the window, but, every time we turned our torches on, there was nothing to be seen. Eventually, we caught sight of the mouse as it was sitting in the corner of Carol’s suitcase. However, it quickly made good its escape and left the room. We found that the secret was to wait until we saw it disappear under the door and fill the gap to prevent its return.

We also tried mousetraps, brought to us by Jamie from the girls’ school. After we found that the mouse was able to remove the bait without triggering the trap, we tried smearing peanut butter, again provided by Jamie and Paula, on the mechanism. The mouse somehow managed to eat this without harm. On the day that we left, we found that the mouse had nibbled the snacks that we had bought from the market to eat on the road journey to Juba. As we left the Bishop’s house, where we had been staying, we saw the mouse leave.

This time, Carol thought that she had located the source of the scratching. It had been raining heavily during the evening and the solar lighting had failed to work. Carol brought our suitcase onto the veranda and, by torchlight, we carefully lifted the contents and searched, without success. Later in the evening, Ronnie repaired the lighting – a cable between buildings had been used as a washing-line by the guesthouse residents and this had loosened a connection. As a precaution, we moved the suitcase to the storage room (the ‘sauna’) until morning.

After a night without any sounds of scratching, we brought the suitcase out onto the veranda and removed the contents. Carol spotted a tail sticking out from a hole in the lining. After unzipping the lining, the mouse ran around inside, before being tipped to freedom. I hope he/she appreciates their release and finds another home!

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