Loosening the roots

Wilsons_2013 Posted by Rory Wilson on Sat, 21 Jan 2017 | 2 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Over the last couple of years we believe that God has been gently preparing us to return to Ireland, shaking our roots loose before He transplants us in another part of His garden.

Many of you will have heard through the grapevine or via CMSI that we have decided to return to Ireland this year, a little earlier than originally planned. Rory submitted his resignation (effective June) to the Bishop a few weeks ago and so the decision has become a reality, and a chain of events has been started and we begin the complex process of exiting our life in Uganda.

I thought I would answer some of the questions that people have been asking following release of our news.

It has been difficult and emotional informing our friends/family here, knowing that our decision affects them too, and causes them to face change (which the majority of us don’t like) and adjust to the fact that we may not be here in person, to support them on various levels. There is understanding about our desire to support our parents and this fits very well with the cultural norm here where family issues are prioritised. People understand it as a good and proper reason for leaving.

We are experiencing some disappointment as we realise that we will not see some things through to completion. Over the Christmas period we realised that it would be first of many ‘lasts’, next Christmas will have a whole other feel to it!

Amidst all of the emotional upheaval we do have a strong sense of God’s peace that we have made the correct decision and that His timing is perfect (Acts 17:26.) There is no inner conflict or doubt. Surprisingly Gideon has responded positively to the news that we are returning to live in Ireland! We were concerned about his reaction, as he usually can’t wait to get back to Uganda when we are on home leave. God has been working and of course is way ahead of us and our worries!

We also eagerly anticipate a new season ahead with family and friends. After a decade away, it will be wonderful to have quality time without any departure dates looming on the horizon! Rory will look at getting registered for GP work again, and I will remain at home initially until we get Gideon settled into school and get some sort of family routine established.

For all that, life goes on and we continue to carry out our day to day roles. In fact, more than ever, we want to make every day count and to pour into people as much as we can in the short time remaining. The sons and daughters that we mentor /disciple; the future leaders of Kiwoko Hospital that need encouraged and developed etc.

Our theme last year for the 25year celebrations was ‘Thanking God for the past and Trusting Him for the future’ and I truly believe that this is God’s word to us as a family as we move into 2017. God has been so faithful and as gentle as possible in all of His dealings with us. I get excited when I think of how wonderful the last 10 years have been because God always has more for us than we can possibly imagine. Yes there will be challenges but God always has our best interests at heart.

We do ask you to continue to remember us and Kiwoko over the next 5 months of transition.


Gillian Maganda said Thu, 02 Feb 2017 07:37PM
Reading this made me cry! We will continue praying that you will be surrounded by God's love and grace in abundance.
Paul Ferguson said Sat, 25 Mar 2017 08:09PM
Rory you will remember meeting with us at the Coleraine Prayer Group the last time you were home. It was such an encouragement to hear how God was using you at Kiwoko and the vision you had for the continuing leadership at the hospital. Now that it is coming to fruition it must give you real joy and peace to know that God continues to work out His purposes for all His children both here at home and in Uganda. We pray that these next few months will be really good ones for you all as a family and as you make preparations to come home. We look forward to seeing you here in Bangor. God bless

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