Ending our time in Kiwoko

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On Wednesday, we started the day sharing in the morning devotions at the hospital. The music is really touching and uplifting. Kirsty did an excellent devotion on friendship and how Jesus should be our most important friend. After, we split up into different work groups, with some of the team completing the painting of ‘The Grace’ – it looks great, really colourful.

After that the team split again, some visited the female ward where they were able to share encouraging Bible verses and pray with the patients. It was a privilege to share in this important ministry with Chaplain Stephen and see the everyday running of the wards.

The other members of the group did some gardening, digging holes and getting ready to plant in the afternoon. One of the team, Peter (who is a physio), was able to join the physiotherapy department, where he was able to work with a number of patients, including a baby with limited mobility and a lady who’d fallen into a fire.

After our morning tea break (we’re being spoilt) we all headed to see the HIV craft project. The work is beautiful, and they allowed us to give basket weaving a go. The ladies were lovely and so skilled.

After lunch we headed back to planting the gardens. We planted mulberry bushes for the berries, a mango tree and tangerine tree. At the front of some houses we planted lavender and citronella grass as these are mosquito repellents.

On Thursday, we started with a visit to the local nursery, where we shared the story of Noah, played games, made a craft and sang some energetic songs. Afterwards we visited the HIV craft shop to see the amazing products the ladies had created. In the afternoon we continued cleaning up the compound and planted two more trees, we also saw some of the kids from the nursery with their crafts. In the evening we had a party with everyone who’d helped us over the week, namely the Ugandan team.

With that we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Ugandan team: Livingstone, Charles, Amos, Tina, Wasswa, Brenda, Grace, Peter and Chaplain Stephen. They were so friendly and a huge help as well as Stephen, Sam and the ladies in the training centre. Also a big thanks to the Bakers for all their organising and help while we were there!

On Friday we left Kiwoko with heavy hearts, lots of stories and friends made. We have now arrived safe and sound in Luwero.

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