Faith, Strength and Joy

Andrea_givans Posted by Andrea Givens on Tue, 07 Nov 2017 | 2 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

I have been busy teaching the girls and we are all really enjoying the experience. They are so willing to learn and they love the ‘hands on’ approach.

I have two girls in the class that both come from Rhino Camp (a big refugee settlement near Arua which is currently ‘home’ to over 50,000 refugees from South Sudan). The girls are both doing a course at the Vocational Training Centre (VTC). I have got to know the girls quite well and I have listened to their stories, which are heartbreaking. The faith in Christ that these girls have is amazing. They say they are so thankful for the opportunities that they have and that they really appreciate all that I am doing for them. I am having a visit to Rhino Camp on 7th November, to help me understand their situation even more.

Last Thursday (2nd November) I was out in Riki with Rev Alice, visiting the different parishes to see the work they are doing and what they have achieved in the past year. When we arrived at St Mathew’s Parish, the welcome we got was fantastic – the ladies of the MU and CWF welcomed us with song and dance. The work they are doing in faith is wonderful and again so happy.

On Friday, I travelled to Bidi Bidi refugee camp with Mickey to see the nursery school/church that was set up with help from CMSI. Nothing prepared me for what I saw and heard from the pastors and teachers. They really are working against all the odds with their faith to give them strength. There are so many things that they still need. I know that whatever I can do will only be a drop in the ocean.

Being out in the community and in camp has help me to strengthen my faith when I see how much they are lacking and how strong they are. I really do thank God for what he has provided me with in Arua.

Andrea Givans

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Carol Smith said Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:48PM
Well done Andrea, Great to hear your news. God bless you.
Paul Ferguson said Thu, 09 Nov 2017 03:58PM
Andrea we have been thinking about you a lot and remembering you in our prayers. It is great that you have settled so well and are in good health. You are getting to know people well and are travelling around your location , meeting people sharing faith and being built up in your own relationship with God. You are proving something which many of us have also experienced ie that in giving you receive so much more back in return. Hope you are picking up some good Ugandan receipes to try out on the folk back home. blessings Paul

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