A rainbow moment

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One of our daughter’s favourite things is rainbows. She loves singing about them, drawing them, stories about them, cartoons about them. Anything that is multi-coloured gets called ‘rainbow coloured’.

Despite the amount of rain and sun that we get in Uganda, particularly in this rainy session, we actually don’t see many rainbows. I think the sun must be too high in the sky or something more scientific! So Lana’s experience of rainbows was based on pictures in books and cartoons, not real life.

Then one evening I was out for a run (that sounds more impressive than it was, trust me) with a friend when we turned a corner and there was a beautiful rainbow across the horizon in front of us. My first thought was ‘oh I hope Lana has seen this’.

Lana had indeed spotted it and was screaming with delight in our garden along with her friend. Paul reported to me later that she kept shouting ‘I want Mummy to see’. And when I did arrive home, panting and sweating, she jumped into my arms and excitedly told me all about the rainbow.

I think any parent can understand how heart-warming it was for me to think that at the exact time I was hoping Lana could see the rainbow, she was wishing the same for me.

Throughout my journey as a Christian I’ve had many moments when I realised later that at the exact time I was thinking or doing something, God was preparing someone else whose path I would cross, sometimes years later. When we realise this meeting has been a divinely ordained moment we marvel at it. But then later, when things get challenging and we can’t see God in the situation anymore, we forget the wonder of what God has done to bring us here in the first place.

Rainbows have often been a symbol to Christians that God will remember His covenant with mankind:

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth. [Genesis 9v16]

But that day, it was a reminder to me of all the times that God has brought divine coincidences into my life that have brought me to where I am. And though I may not always see Him, or be thinking of Him, He can always see me.

If I’m in your company some day in the future feel free to ask me about some of the times when I have realised God has been talking to me and someone else in opposite ends of the world at the same time, preparing us both for when we would work together as part of God’s plan. Because I need to remind myself of these moments to get through the hard times when the walk becomes a crawl. But maybe the stories will also encourage you through your hard days, and remind you of your rainbow moments.


Paul and Tania Baker

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