Mission Associates

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In addition to those who serve as Mission Partners or Short-Term volunteers CMS Ireland also works with a number of ‘Mission Associates’.

Mission Associates are not directly sent and supported by CMS Ireland but work closely alongside our partners, sharing our values, vision and priorities.

The Zimmerman Family
Deirdre Zimmerman (nee Lloyd) is a Nutritionist and a former CMS Ireland MIssion Partner and she currently works for NCPS, a Nutrition organisation in Nepal. Mark heads up an organisation called Nick Simons Institute that seeks to develop and improve rural health care in Nepal. Zachary and Benjamin attend Kathmandu International Study Centre.

Isabelle Prondzynski
Isabelle is an ex-CMSI Mission Partner who previously worked alongside the Urban Development Programme (UDP) in Nairobi. Now based in Brussels she maintains a close connection with her former work and spends a number of months each year supporting the UDP programme.

Alison and Paul Guinness
Alison (née Gill) is a former CMSI Mission Partner who has spent much of the last seven years working with the Church in Burundi: offering training in trauma-counselling, teaching at a Bible College and, more recently, developing new opportunities to help send Burundian missionaries to work in North Africa. During her most recent term of service in Burundi, Alison met Paul Guinness, a missionary with OM (Operation Mobilisation) and they were married in England last December. Alison and Paul are both currently studying at All Nations’ College and they hope to return to Burundi in 2017.