Keith and Lyn Scott

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Keith and Lyn Scott are CMSI Mission Partners serving in the Diocese of Northern Zambia, at St John’s Theological Seminary, Kitwe. They began this new term of service in January 2017.

Keith and Lyn are no strangers to Kitwe, having served there as CMSI Mission Partners between 2002 and 2008, before returning to Ireland for their children’s secondary education. Over the past eight years, they have been ministering in the Rathkeale Group of Parishes in the Diocese of Limerick.

Keith has returned to the teaching staff at St John’s and he hopes to get involved in ministry in the local parishes around Kitwe. Lyn will be involved in teaching English (academic and theological) to the students at the college as well as helping to develop their study and preaching skills. She also hopes to be involved with the Mothers’ Union.

We’re seeking to secure additional financial support for the Scotts, to help ensure they can continue their current placement in Zambia as planned. To make a one-off donation, or to set up a regular payment, please click the donate button below: