Paul and Tania Baker

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Paul and Tania Baker are CMS Ireland Mission Partners based at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda.

Paul and Tania are both from Bangor, County Down and are currently in their second term of Mission Partner service in Uganda.

Paul is a medical engineer and puts his skills of installing, repairing and maintaining medical equipment to excellent use at Kiwoko Hospital as the Site Engineer. Paul also provides training to local staff.

Tania is involved in the hospitality ministry of the hospital, which receives many medical students every year. She’s also supports the work of the Women’s Resource Centre at Kiwoko, where women come to learn skills such as sewing and crafts that will help them generate income to support themselves and their families. Tania was instrumental in establishing the Kiwoko Fashion School, which was opened in early 2014 and offers local girls the opportunity to learn the art of Fashion Design and the skill of tailoring.

The most recent edition to the Baker family is Lana, who Paul and Tania have been caring for since shortly after her birth at Kiwoko in early 2014.

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