Rory and Denise Wilson

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Rory and Denise Wilson are CMSI Mission Partners working at Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda, where they live with their son, Gideon

Rory, originally a GP from Bangor, is the hospital’s Medical Superintendent. He is responsible for all the medical care that takes place in the hospital, and works alongside a team of local Ugandan doctors.

Rory, a parishioner of Ballyholme Parish, has a long history of involvement with Kiwoko, dating back to 1993, when he spent 8 weeks there as a medical student on his undergraduate medical elective. He began Mission Partner service at Kiwoko in 2006.

Denise has previously worked with Fields of Life in Uganda and Ireland. After marrying Rory, she moved to Kiwoko in December 2008, where she works with the Nursing School as a clinical instructor and also provides pastoral support to the students.

Gideon joined the Wilson contingent in April 2010. He’s in his P2 year of school – in his own, personal classroom beside the Wilsons house.

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