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..the biblical story of mission, from Genesis to Revelation
..a shared understanding of mission for you and your church
..the challenge for all God’s people to play their part in mission

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Introducing Discover

Discover is a discussion-based course that aims to help people explore the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of mission from a biblical perspective. It’s designed for home group settings or for a special study series – it’s often used during Lent or Advent). It’s an ideal resource for churches seeking fresh approaches to teaching and discipleship.

The Discover programme is made up of seven sessions, with each session focusing on a particular part of the biblical story of mission. The resource pack comprises specially produced material that is contemporary, innovative and challenging.

The Sessions

Each of the seven sessions focuses on a key episode or theme in the Bible’s unfolding narrative of mission, starting with Creation and continuing through to the Church today. Along the way, the sessions dip into the stories of Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses and Isaiah before spending time focusing on the life, ministry and death of Jesus.

The material has been specially produced to challenge, provoke and inspire groups and individuals to engage more deeply with God and with God’s work. Each session includes enough material for between one and two hours of group discussion or individual study and can be adapted to suit different contexts.

The Resource Pack

The different elements of the Discover resource pack are designed to help people think about and talk about mission. They’re intended to help open up some of the issues, to provoke discussion, to encourage individual reflection and response.

The Introduction Booklet
A short booklet (which comes as a DVD insert) provides an overview of the resource pack and offers a range of suggestions to make the most of Discover in different contexts. A summary of each session is provided, along with some hints and tips for facilitating group discussions.

There is a a short (8 to 10-minute) film for each session, which helps to introduce the material. These films – produced in Ireland – are beautifully shot and could be used in a church service setting as well as with the group format. The content raises plenty of questions and issues for discussion. You can view Flatpack – the film for the first session – here:

The Session Outlines
An outline is provided for each session, with activities and questions for discussion. These can be used and adapted by group leaders as appropriate for the context of the session, the make-up of the group and the length of time available. The session outlines are available in a separate booklet (with the DVD) and are also available, on request, as A4 pdfs.

View the Session Outline for Flatpack

The Discover Book
The Discover book comprises seven chapters, with each chapter providing additional material for one of the sessions. This material can be read by the group leader as part of their preparation, although its most useful as an ‘optional extra’ for those who want to engage in further reading after each session.

Why Discover?

Discover arose out of a desire to help move mission from the margins and into the centre of church life. It comes as a response to the many churches and individuals throughout Ireland who have expressed a desire for more and better mission education.

Discover is not intended as a fundraising enterprise, nor is it an attempt to champion one mission agency over another, or indeed one denomination over another. It is offered as an innovative and thought–provoking resource to all who want to explore mission issues from a biblical perspective.

For those of us who have produced Discover, our prayer is that it will help to encourage a greater desire to Love God and Love Others as together, we seek His Kingdom Come…on earth, as in Heaven.

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