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CMS Ireland’s video resources give you the chance to see life in other cultures as we explore what mission looks like around the world.

DVD packs are available from either our Dublin or Belfast offices and are useful resources for small groups, cells or youth groups.

To help you get a flavour of what’s involved in each one you can watch short clips and download PDFs of the accompanying study material below. To order any of the packs please contact our Parish Links Coordinators.

Kiwoko @ Work

Today Kiwoko Hospital stands as an example of medical excellence in the African bush – but more than that its heartbeat is God’s concern for the rural poor of Uganda.

This 5-part DVD (and accompanying study guide) provides an invaluable insight to the life and ministry of the hospital – while exploring what happens when God’s people take his priorities seriously.

Click to download a PDF of the Study Guide that accompanies the DVD.

Kiwoko @ Work is available from either our Dublin or Belfast offices: €15/£10 + P&P

The Hand of History
‘The Hand of History’ is an exploration of Christian-Muslim relationships in a diverse and rapidly changing world. It includes bible studies and a DVD that aim to educate, inspire and challenge churches, youth groups and others as they engage in mission with the world around them.

The bible studies are divided into four sections, Comment, Context, Conversation and Contemplation. Each study is a journey into our understanding, not only of Islam but of our own Faith and value systems.

Click to download any of the following PDF documents that accompany the DVD: Exploring Christian-Muslim Dialogue
The Children of Abraham
Who is my Neighbour?
Encounters with Dialogue
Tolerance and Oppression

The Hand of History is available from either our Dublin or Belfast offices: €15/£10 + P&P