South Sudan

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General Background

Population: 11.1m
Land Area: 644,329km sq.
Poverty Ranking: 18
Main Religions: With no census data yet available, there are vastly differing estimates regarding religious adherence in South Sudan, but Traditional Religions (including Animism) and Christianity are the most prominent by far.

South Sudan is still the newest country in the world, having gained independence from its northern neighbours in 2011 – the result of a six-year peace process following 22 years of civil war. Despite the extreme poverty in the country and the lack of infrastructure and resources, the birth of the new nation was widely celebrated as a positive development. Recent months, however, have seen a return to instability and violence, with the result that, since 15th December 2013, thousands of people have been killed and over 800,000 more have fled their homes. Throughout the many years of turbulence and strife, CMS Ireland and many parishes in Ireland have maintained strong connections with the Church in what is now South Sudan – supporting our partners through friendship, prayer, personnel support and financial support.

CMS Ireland engagement with South Sudan
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