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General Background

Population: 34.8m
Land Area: 241,329km sq.
Poverty Ranking: 21
Main Religions: Christian 83.9% (Protestant 42%, inc. Anglican 35.9%, Roman Catholic 41.9%); Muslim 12.1%

*The ‘Poverty Rank’ figure reflects the relative poverty of a country, using the most commonly accepted index: per capital GDP (PPP). Click for further info.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ (after a reference by Sir Winston Churchill), Uganda lies at the core of the Great lakes region of East Africa. It has one of the fastest growing populations in the world and consequently has 50% of its people under the age of 18. Though Kampala, the capital city, is home to more than one million people, Uganda is largely a rural country with most of the people engaging in subsistence agriculture.

The Church of Uganda is the second largest Anglican province in the world, with over 9 million members, but as with the Church here in Ireland, this numerical ‘membership’ does not necessarily translate to people living out an active faith. CMS Ireland has enjoyed long and active partnerships with Uganda over many years and it remains a country with a particular affinity for many parishes and people in Ireland. It is also the place where all of our current Mission Partners are based.

CMS Ireland engagement with Uganda
Recent META visits: 2010 (Kiwoko Hospital), 2011 (Madi West Nile), 2013 (Madi West Nile; Kiwoko Hospital)
Latest Annual Projects: Hands on Kiwoko (2010)
Mission Partners: Paul and Tania Baker (Kiwoko Hospital), Rory and Denise Wilson (Kiwoko Hospital)
Former Mission Partners: Aart and Gessje den Breejen (Madi West Nile)