Kindu Diocese

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Kindu Diocese is one of CMSI’s three Global Partners in DR Congo and is led by Bishop Masimango Katanda.

Bishop Masimango Katanda has been the bishop since the diocese was created out of Bukavu Diocese in 1997. Its relationship with CMSI dates back to 1998.

Kindu Diocese covers the province of Maniema and has an area of over 150,000 square kilometres – over twice the size of Ireland. Because of its location, well away from the country’s eastern border, the security situation is less troubled than in Bukavu Diocese and North Kivu Diocese, although there is a strong UN military presence.

CMSI’s partnership has helped the diocese to build a primary school, establish a diocesan-wide HIV/AIDS programme, set up a new clinic and establish a very successful microcredit programme for women. Many of these women are now able to use their skills to generate income, which allows them to feed their children, to send them to school and pay for modest healthcare.

Given the size of the diocese, there is a great need to reach small communities which have little or no access to even modest facilities.

A CMSI team visited Kindu in 2015 and you can read their blog here

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