Madi-West Nile

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Situated in northwest Uganda and bordering South Sudan, the Diocese of Madi West Nile has been impacted by the years of civil war and strife across the border. As a result, training and holistic development have been priorities for the diocese.

There is a long history of mission involvement in Madi West Nile which dates back more than 80 years. Historically, there has been an emphasis on supporting vocational training. This has been crucial in helping refugees from Sudan, sheltering in Northern Uganda, rebuild communities and infrastructures after years of conflict.

The West Nile Ecumenical Vocational Training Centre, based in Arua, has been central to this vision of practically equipping Christians for the task of transformation. CMSI has had a long partnership with WNEVTC – which has been expressed through the placing of Mission Partners such as the Smyths and the den Breejens.

The diocese is led by Bishop Joel Obetia, who has this to say about the partnership with CMSI and the wider Church in Ireland:

The Church in Ireland has been a great partner with the Diocese of Madi West. The people to people connection matters most to me. Partnership is not about things to people but people to people. When God wanted to redeem us he sent to us a person: Jesus Christ. Let’s keep this partnership as a people to people partnership. Let us be Christ to you and you Christ to us.

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