Diocese of Northern Zambia

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CMS Ireland has been in partnership with the Diocese of Northern Zambia since 1995. For the majority of that time our focus has been on supporting leadership training in St John’s Anglican Seminary, Kitwe

The Anglican Church in Zambia is a growing church and as such requires its leaders to be properly equipped to meet a series of significant challenges. The training for ordained ministry is two-fold:

1. Academic Theological Training
2. Spiritual Formation (helping to shape the lives and characters of the students so that they grow into leaders who can impact the wider community)

As the Church attempts to address the challenges of poverty, HIV/AIDS and inadequate social care the importance of adequately equipped leaders is of the utmost importance.

CMSI’s links with the Seminary are traced back to the work of Canon John Kanyikwa, who served as a lecturer and Principal of the college during the 1990s. This work was continued by CMSI Mission Partners Keith and Lyn Scott, who served in Zambia for over six years until 2008.

In recent years our connections in Zambia have been strengthened and continue to grow. Archbishop Albert Chama has led the diocese since 2003 and has a real heart for mission and evangelism.

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